"We are very proud of our risk management operation and are excited to highlight the many reasons why OneSource CMS is the best TPA positioned to handle your risk mitigation needs. Thank you for considering OneSource Claims Management Solutions (OneSource CMS) as your Claims Third Party Administrator.”

OneSource CMS

Our customer-centric approach allows us to provide client specific processes to maximize our customers' program profitability. We align insurance technology with our clients' needs, to increase efficiencies and employ a long-term perspective to servicing them.

  • Proven history of becoming value-added business partners to those we are privileged to serve
  • Experience and expertise working with complex lines of insurance

  • A claims organization that is built upon providing the highest level of customer service
  • Customizable claims resolution processes built around speed, accuracy and service

Our Mission

Our services are backed by a solemn oath of accountability, advocacy, partnership and protection of your company’s resources. We strive to become value added partners by offering innovative risk management solutions. We are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing a ‘Best in Claims’ experience.

What We Do

OneSource Claims Management Solutions’ manages individual and group products and performs end-to-end administrative solutions for multiple complex lines of insurance, such as: commercial and industrial property, commercial auto, standard and non-standard auto, commercial general liability, and business operations insurance.
At OneSource, we utilize our expertise, products, and resources, to resolve Commercial Property Exposures in a timely and efficient manner. At the core of our process is our proactive follow up requirements, which ensure claims are moved towards resolution as appropriate, critical to our ability to control costs and ensure reserve accuracy. Our solutions and programs are customized to help businesses, brokers, agents, and other insurance professionals, both evolve within their specific industry, while remaining competitive.

Commercial & Industrial Property

Standard & Non-Standard Auto

Commercial General Liability

Garage Keepers

Commercial Auto


Commercial Package

Business Operations Policies
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OneSource feels, whether you are a business or an individual, everyone should demand the best of their claims service provider. That’s why we go beyond basic administration or analysis, and cement lasting relationships, through our unique approach. Our flat organizational structure provides expedited claim processing by ensuring proper communication, utilization of best practices for maximum speed, accuracy, and service.

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Specialized Services

Claims Adjudication
OneSource provides a claims resolution process that is customizable to your program needs. Our process expedites the claim settlement process, from first notice of loss, through coverage verification, loss investigation, first and third party damage investigation and settlement, and where applicable, bodily injury evaluation and settlement. OneSource claim experts provide the appropriate balance between service, investigation and claims resolution, while controlling expense and recovery. Claims are viewable at all times through our state of the art, web based claim system.  
Claims Expense Mitigation
Our processes are designed to provide proper oversight to control expense. Contact us to discuss how we can assist in reducing expense while maximizing results.
Trends Analysis and Reporting
OneSource provides a customizable suite of reports that assist in identifying trends based upon real-time data, and developing appropriate action plans. At OneSource, we pride ourselves on assisting our business partners with the data and analysis necessary to maximize profitability.
Fraud and Abuse Detection/Services
OneSource provides all required Special Investigation Detection, investigation, and reporting to meet State and Federal requirements.
Vendor Management
OneSource has expert venues, with negotiated rates, in most venues. OneSource aggressively manages all aspects of vendor performance, including billable hours, rates, and customer service, to ensure that your clients have a “Best in Claims” experience.
Risk Management Consulting
Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Reserve Adequacy Audits OneSource professionals complete both onsite, and remote audits to assist with driving quality results. OneSource has the expertise to assist with audits related to underwriting compliance, claims compliance and quality, and customer safety and training adequacy.
Administrative Services
OneSource provides a full suite of administrative services, including Subrogation Management, Salvage Management, Total Loss Reporting, Medical Bill Review, Bodily Injury Index, and more.
Call Center
OneSource Customer Service Representatives are eager to assist your customers. We also provide after hour call center services so that customers can always reach a live body.

Our Capabilities

Web Based System
Fully integrated claim system that provides remote access to real time data and reports.
Vendor Management
We have identified and retained expert providers, including auto and property estimation and restoration, legal resources across most states and venues, forensic accounting, independent medical review resources, and much more.
A designated subrogation department assembles comprehensive case files and works proactively for timely settlement. Utilizes monthly tracking and reporting of collection activity, projected collections, and vendor production.
Reporting Transparency
OneSource claims system provides a customizable suite of reports which are available for customers to select with real time data. Large loss meetings include management, underwriting, and executive leadership. Program specific trend analysis reports provided based upon program requirements. Customer specific trend analysis reports.
Utilization of metrics and feedback to drive customer service, claims settlement process, and reserving accuracy.
Special Investigation Unit
Our SIU services include all required investigation, reporting, and mandatory training as set forth by Federal and State regulations. Third-party SIU vendor provides all state required training and DOI compliance. Also works with management team to identify, investigate internal and external insurance fraud.
Contact Us for details on how OneSource can assist you with providing a claims process for your program that produces results, maximizes profits, and provides outstanding customer service.  

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