eSubrosa: Electronic Sub Rosa is the investigation of public records to digitally seek, observe, and monitor shared information via social media.

Overview of the eSubrosa difference:

Insurance fraud in all its forms poses a major threat to the profitability of the insurance industry. As with all other aspects of our business, technology has transformed the nature and scale of fraudulent activity and insurers must employ all avenues to identify and combat emerging trends in insurance fraud. Our eSubrosa services provide insurers a comprehensive yet cost-effective tool to investigate and document fraudulent activity. Timely identification of red flags has the ability to significantly impact the severity of a loss and provide timely underwriting feedback to better understand the risk associated with an account.

Our eSubrosa services include:

Social Media Investigation Social media public posts such as photos, videos, status updates, and conversations are becoming powerful tools in defending against inflated, fraudulent, and malingering recovery claims. Our highly trained investigators are skilled in social searching to locate and preserve evidence that can be critical in successfully defending against unwarranted claims.

Social Contacts Search Our investigators have the tools and expertise in social network analysis, allowing our clients to obtain critical data of information to accurately assess the validity and value of a claim.

Continuous Monitoring Our proprietary monitoring system ensures that your cases are continuously monitored to identify new information in “real time” as it is posted and throughout the duration of a claim resolution.

Background Investigation Investigators access and analyze public, commercial, financial, and criminal records to provide our clients with comprehensive reports regarding claimants
or business entities. Background investigation is also a valuable tool that clients use to validate prior history and information provided during the claim resolution process.

Digital Skip Trace Our proprietary system provides our investigators with the tools and resources necessary to locate parties that have relocated or simply may not want to be found. Our investigators are standing by to assist you with providing accurate information so that you can contact involved parties.

Asset/Financial Search We can run asset checks on individuals to obtain financial information that is useful in evaluating subrogation opportunities or collection of liabilities.

Photo and Video Scrapping Our proprietary system provides you with the ability to preserve and maintain photo and video evidence that we locate on the web – even if the posting party attempts to remove the evidence after it has been located.

Our Services Go Beyond Expectations

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